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Who we are is a collaboration between Vectron South Africa with its Head Office in Cape Town, South Africa to assist hospitality businesses like yourself with easy to use digitization solutions to grow your business.

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With our experience and knowledge you get integrated and easy to use digitalization solutions for the hospitality industry

  • Professional Online Presence
  • Fast Online Ordering Solutions
  • Grow Your Customers
  • Keep Your Customers Loyal
  • Use Existing Space to do more
  • One service provider taking care of all your digital needs
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Overview solutions

Here are the key elements you will get out of a digitalisation project, which will boost your business.
Online Presence
Professional Online Presence for Website and Social Media for your clients to get hold of you.
Digital Solutions
Increase your sales by fast ordering solutions through our integrated ordering system
Customer Acquisition
Grow your customers by digital online solutions using social media & online marketing
Customer Loyalty
Create unique specials & campaigns to retain your satisfied customers
Space use
Convert some unused existing space to convert to Flex Office for customer to work away from home
Support Program
One service provider to take care of all your digital needs to assist you grow and control your business
About Us news

5 ideas to get more clients for your restaurant!
Apr 17, 2021

The world is changing. Everything digital, everything mobile and more and more people are using social media to get information about restaurants or hotels. But as a restaurant owner you do not have time for that! How can you be in the front of our customers? Where will the next generation go out? What shall you do with all those new technologies? We give you 5 ideas to consider to get your restaurant on social media channels without having to spend time doing it yourself. Together with us, you'll be able to focus on what's really important - cooking great food!

What is Customer Loyalty and why is that important for your business?
Feb 21, 2019

Customers may not stay forever, but the longer you can keep a customer the more profitable they become. The more loyal you get them to be, the higher chance of getting their lifetime value and making countless sales in return for your business. You don't have to stop all new client acquisition; just work on being that much better than any other company out there with good service and quality products or services! You don't have to be an expert in customer service, or even good at it! Just make the commitment and you'll see your business grow. To find out more, please contact us and we will chat about how you can approach the customer loyalty world for your business.

Why restaurants should utilize digital solutions
Feb 21, 2019

As a restaurant owner, you're probably wondering what digital solutions are out there that will help your business. Well, we have the answer! Today's blog post is going to talk about social media and digital solutions for restaurants that can be utilized today. We'll go over all of the benefits of using these tools to grow your restaurant and increase revenue at the same time.If you have a restaurant, the best thing that you can do for your business is using social media and digital ordering solutions today.

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